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2014 Phone Seminar Series on Green Chemistry co-hosted by the Great Lakes Green Chemistry Network and Michigan Green Chemistry Clearinghouse

“Utility of the Greenscreen® for Safer Chemicals
for nanoscale hazard assessment:
nanosilver case study

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

3:00 PM EST
2:00 PM CST
12 Noon  PST

 Jen Sass


Senior Scientist

Natural Resources Defense Council


As nanomaterials are introduced into new and diverse applications, the need for a standardized method to assess their hazards is increasingly apparent.

To assess the utility of the GreenScreen® method for nanomaterials, hazard assessments were conducted for particulate and nanoparticulate silver of defined composition, shape, size range, and surface chemistry.

Using publicly available information, concern levels for 18 hazard endpoints were assigned to the substances, and then scored based on the GreenScreen criteria.

While challenges remain in the hazard screening of  nanomaterials, the GreenScreen is  a promising tool for this purpose. (Study co-authors: Nancy Linde, Joanne English, Teresa McGrath, Jennifer Sass, Lauren Heine)  VIEW REPORT

Jennifer Sass is a Senior Scientist in NRDC’s Health and Environment program (since 2001), and a Professorial Lecturer at George Washington University. She reviews the science underpinning the regulation of toxic chemicals, and advocates for health-protective regulations consistent with environmental laws. She holds a doctoral degree in Cell Biology from University of Saskatchewan, Canada, and a post-doctoral certificate in Environmental Toxicology from the University of Maryland

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